The Regional Archaeological Museum in Plovdiv (RAM – Plovdiv) is one of the first Bulgarian cultural institutions, officially opened in 1882. Initially established as an archaeological and numismatic office, it gradually earned the status of an Archaeological Museum in 1920.

In the beginning the museum funds consisted of a numismatic collection of 1,500 coins, ethnographic and historical documents, church plates, and incunabula from the VIII - XVII c., as well as 300 icons and paintings by some of the most famous Bulgarian artists Stanislav Dospevski, Ivan Lazarov, Tzanko Lavrenov, Nikolay Rainov, Zlatju Boiadjiev, and many others.

The Museum owns one of the richest collections of 100.000 exhibits of the cultural heritage of Plovdiv and its region. The town is a successor to one of the biggest and most important ancient cities on the Balkans - Philippopol.