Symposia and conferences

"Visual communication, from the Antiquity to the modern photographic technology", organized by PENTAX Bulgaria, 20.04.2015 - RAM Plovdiv

• "Cities and symbols of the history and numismatics”, organized by club "Clio", 17.04.2015 - RAM Plovdiv

• "Valorisation of cultural heritage, museum policy, restoration, communication and media", organized by the Museum Louvre and the Ministry of Culture, 05 - 06.03.2015, the French Institute, Sofia.

"EMPE - Eurovision. Museums presenting Europe" training project, organized together with The National Museum of History and Ministry of Culture, 28 - 29.01.2015, RAM - Plovdiv.

"The museums and the sustainable development", Third National Meeting, 11-13.06.2014, Lovech.

„Philippopolis weeks of the Thracian history and culture”, organized with the Institute of Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - since 1974.

„Ancient cultures forum” (Pre-historic culture along the Maritza river basin and its links with the neighboring areas) on October 09 – 12, 2000.

"Contemporary issues in museum studies" - museums,archives and libraries in contemporary information society  - Bulgaria -Russia on May 13, 2011.

"Museums and their work in networks" - national workshop - Veliko Tarnovo on November 17-18, 2011.