The Regional Archaeological Museum - Plovdiv owns a rich library collection of approx. 13 000 volumes, including annual editions of the Museum.  The collection was initiated in the last years of the XIX c. when the museum itself was founded. Due to the fact that until 1944 today’s Plovdiv Library "Ivan Vazov" and the Archaeological Museum constituted one institution, they had, initially, a common bibliographic collection. Since the summer of 1945 the Library of the Museum has existed separately- the first registered book dates from June 12, 1945.  Today it is called "Boris Dyakovich" Library (named after Boris Dyakovich - the headmaster of the Library from 1901 to 1932).

Among the first scientific series in the initial stocks of the library are "Revue archéologique" (since 1910), "The annual of the British school of Athens" (since 1921-23 until today), "Советская археология" (Soviet Archaeology), "Краткие сообщения" (Brief announcements), "Jahrbuch des deutschen archäologischen Instituts" (since 1912 until today) and other foreign and Bulgarian publications.